For a time, the humans of Sera knew peace... then Emergence Day came. The Locust horde arrived without warning, and countless horrors spilled forth from their underground burrows.
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PostSubject: Scouting Nexus   Scouting Nexus EmptyThu Sep 15, 2011 9:26 pm

Mission Type-Hive-Delta Team 1-Single Play

CoG-HQ-Jacinto City recommendations.

Captain with all due respect,this is a suicide Mission,
Command should think this over before we waste good men.
Going into the heart of Nexus is madness.

Lieutenant..I'm well aware of the nature of the Mission,but
Command is firm on this,the only thing required of us is
to send out an advance Scout Team.I'm still waiting for your
recommendation on who to send.

Well Captain I'd suggest Delta 1.Baird & Cole.

Interesting choice Lieutenant ,but they failed in
their last Mission & got pretty cut up in the
process,why them?

That's why Captain,their chomping at the bit to
redeem themselves,they'll do everything to bring
this off.We're being asked to storm Hell & those
two have the motivation to do it.

OK ,Lieutenant Delta 1 it is,see that they are briefed
& ready to go by tomorrow 0800.

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Posts : 83
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PostSubject: Re: Scouting Nexus   Scouting Nexus EmptySat Sep 24, 2011 8:53 am

Team 1 The Hive :Damon Baird & Augustus Cole

Sgt.Baird..the Lieutenant will see you know,go on in..

Sgt.At ease have a seat,before we start debriefing,
I want you know,HQ was very impressed with
your scouting mission.The information you got
on Nexus is considered very helpful for future plans.

Thank you,Sir but before we go on record for Debrief
I want you to know that Cole & I are very grateful
for the mission.we know you went out on a limb
on recommending us to the Capt. After our last mission
FUBAR ,we figure we would be assigned guard duty
at some remote outpost. the record,I did you no favors,the mission was
considered almost a one way trip.I recommended
you & Cole first of all,because I thought you could do the job
and secondly I knew after your last mission you both
had the extra motivation this job required.

Now lets get on with the Debriefing,please proceed:

Cole & I were dropped off about 20 clicks outside
Landown .The regions under Locus control so
we had walk in keeping to cover.

Intelligence had identified that an entrance to
Nexus was located in an underground bunker
that was used in the Pendulum wars.

We made it the bunker at 1100,waited about
15 minutes to make sure the area was clear
and then see no activity we entered.

I took point & just sort of set tight to case
the place.The first I notice was a big Troika
Gun a level above me,ironic perfectly place
to defend against a force trying to storm the
bunker from the outside,but of course the
Locus didn't come from outside.I then
dismissed it as there was no point trying to
get to it as our mission required us to keep
moving.I then notice a Kantus slipping out of
the shadows into Cole's area.

Cole sees him to and leaves cover to engage
it with his chain blade.The Kantus however avoids
the attack.

Well our attempts to sneak in are now blown,
I see a Theron Guard & get it's attention before
he can help the Kantus.The Theron falls for my
ambush & comes for me.I give him a full clip
but only wound him.

Then Hell opens up and the Locus start a full
Fire Fight with us.The Kantus attacks Cole,
who attempts to counter with the Chain blade
& fails.The Kantus doesn't miss & scores a
couple of hits on Cole.I Guard up against
The Theron Guard & take out the wounded
Theron with a clip from my stub pistol.

Cole downs the Kantus but then we're swarmed
and I can hear Locus moving toward us a
Drone fires on Cole who tries to dodge but no luck,
the attack puts him down & bleeding out.

The Drone then turns its attention to me but
I beat him to the attack with another clip from
my stub pistol.It's wounded & its return fire
goes wild.

I Advance taking out another Drone with a clip
from my assault rifle & the moving to revive Cole.

Then a Theon Guard opens up on me but I'm able
to dodge the attack.

I'm thinking crap we're still at the entrance,
getting low on ammo ,running out of endurance
& signal Cole we gotta get moving!.

Cole responds by running forward & I follow
slipping by the Theron Guard.

We run right into a Kantus coming through an
emergence Hole.

I swing around and pitch a grenade at the
Theon Guard as I don't need it at my back.
It's wounded & I feed him another bolo
which finishes it off.I really gave it a plummeting
but now I'm out of bolo grenades

There's no hope to trying to be stealthy The
Locus know we're here & I can hear them
running toward us

Cole rips apart the Kantus that has been
Lurking in our area with a chain blade attack.

Then the Horde is upon us.A Theron Guard
comes for me but I'm ready & put a clip
from my assault rifle into it ,its hit but won't go down.
It returns fire & I'm hit hard but still standing.

I recover & move toward Cole's position & cut
down a Drone with my chain blade.

The Theron Guard I just got away from now
opens up & I try to dodge but he still gets me,
I'm down & Bleeding Out.

Cole is exploring the area he's holed up in
and finds its a weapons locker & picks the
nastiest looking thing he can find a Mulcher.
Not much range but it can but a ton of lead
in the air.

A Kantus ignore me and goes for Cole
who doesn't hesitate but blows it away
with the Mulcher & then unloads on the
Theron Guard who the Kantus had just
healed but somehow it survives.

I craw into the weapons locker with Cole

The Theron Guard now attacks Cole whose
Mulcher is out of ammo so he puts an Assault
Rifle clip into it,which wounds it.The Theron
return fire hits Cole straight on but he's still standing.

I'm thinking that we're about done for as the
Theron Guard again attacks Cole but his cover saves

Cole now Plummets the Tegron Guard with another
clip of his assault rifle & finally takes him out.He then
has a little respite to revive me.

No sooner than I'm back on my feet a Drone
comes in on us & I can see a Kantus heading
our way.

I quickly lay my chain blade into the Drone and
cut him down.

We're getting bogged down so we head for the end
of the corridor we manage to take out another
Boomer & Drone & make to the next level.

Now we find some good cover and manage to stay
just ahead of the Locus.

A Boomer & Drone head for us from up ahead but
we manage to get around them & finally break through
to the 3rd level & encounter another Kantus but
this thing looks like the Kantus in Chief & he has
a wicked looking pole blade.

Not wanting to tangle with it I manage to take
him down.That seemed to take all the fight out
of the Locus.

We got the terrain information & manage to find a clear
side corridor out & signaled for pick up.

Ok Sgt.that's a wrap you & Cole enjoy some R&R
but stay close to base ,Command will probably
want to go over some of the areas you mapped out.


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