For a time, the humans of Sera knew peace... then Emergence Day came. The Locust horde arrived without warning, and countless horrors spilled forth from their underground burrows.
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 The Cities & Regions of Sera

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The Cities & Regions of Sera Empty
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■Jacinto - COG stronghold during the Locust War; sunk by COG forces to flood The Hollow
■Landown - Occupied by Locust, reclaimed by the COG in Operation Hollow Storm
■Ephyra - The capital city of the COG. Destroyed by Locust in A.E. 10, partially occupied by Stranded
■Tollen - Sunk by Rift Worm
■Montevado - Sunk by Rift Worm
■Ilima - Sunk by Rift Worm
■New Sherrith - Most likely destroyed in the Hammer of Dawn Strike
■Jannermont - A southern COG city, sacked by the Locust Horde
■Andius - A city in southern Tyrus, sacked by the Locust Horde
■Soteroa - A city in the South Islands; most likely destroyed
■Berephus - A city in the Ostri Republic. Presumably destroyed or heavily damaged by CNV Merit naval assault
■Peraspha - A city in the Ostri Republic. Flattened by COG Petrel missiles.
■Port Farrall - A ruined city lying on Sera's coastline. The COG took refuge here after the sinking of Jacinto.
■Pelruan - A city on the island of Vectes in the Lesser Islands. It was the fourth and final capital of the COG.
■Nexus - The Locust Horde's capital and the only Locust city known to the COG. The Locust Queen's Palace was located here. It was attacked by both the COG and the Lambent and subsequently destroyed when the Inner Hollow was flooded.
■Char - The wasteland left behind after the Hammer of Dawn counter-attack. It is a massive dustbowl littered with ruined buildings and cremated corpses
■Deadlands-The new home of the Savage Locust
■Dorado Hills - A group of hills outside Jacinto City. Occupied by Seeders.
■Eastern Central Massif - Region containing Kashkur,Vasgar,Emgazi and Furlin.
■Jacinto Plateau - A plateau of granite on which the cities of Ephyra and Jacinto were built; destroyed in Operation: Hollow Storm.
■Lesser Islands - a chain of Islands that were cut off from the mainland after the Hammer of Dawn strikes
■Mount Kadar - A mountain directly above the Locust capital Nexus
■Pirnah Badlands - A region near Timgad; raided by the Locust after the Lightmass offensive
■Timgad Valley - A valley near Ephyra; destroyed in Lightmass offensive
■The Hollow - The underground lair of the Locust Horde, it is divided into the Inner Hollow and the Outer Hollow
■Tyra River - A major river in southern Tyrus.
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The Cities & Regions of Sera
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