For a time, the humans of Sera knew peace... then Emergence Day came. The Locust horde arrived without warning, and countless horrors spilled forth from their underground burrows.
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 The A.C.I.D.

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The CoG to meet the threat posed by the Locus Horde
Invasion reorganized it's Military Forces & created from
its most aggressive & resourceful Gears an elite
Division the A.C.I.D.

This Division consisted of 3 Brigades : 1st(Hell Bringers),
2nd(Hell Fury) & the 3rd(Hell Fire).The role of
A.C.I.D. was two fold,to conduct recon and other types
of Raids/Missions to keep the Locus off balance,and to
serve as a spearhead to take territory or blunt a
Horde attack.

The 1st Brigade was the Scout/Recon Force(elite of the elite)
and the 2nd & 3rd Brigades were the Assault Forces.
This Board follows the Missions of The 1st Brigade,1st Regiment,
1 st Battalion,Company A,1st Platoon (Squads :Alpha,Bravo,

Each 4 man squad contains 2 Teams of 2 troopers that can
operate independently depending on the Mission.In which case
Team#1 is headed by the Lieutenant & Team#2 by the Sgt.
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The A.C.I.D.
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